More Online Foreign Language Courses For Free

Aside from online Chinese lesson,  Loquella also offer two more online language courses for free: French and Spanish! And take note, just like their Chinese lesson, the French and Spanish language courses equally focus on vocabulary and pronunciation.

Loquella is not just any other website that offers free tutorials or language translation, their online language courses are based on well-respected Foreign Service Institute Language Course and they combined it with sophisticated language tool to deliver an effective and yet fun language lessons.

The foreign language they are offering are suitable for both foreign language students and casual learners. They are easy to understand and can be learned at the learner’s own pace. The best thing about Loquella’s Chinese, French and Spanish online lessons is that there is no registration needed or the need to download anything.

All you need to do to study any or all of the three foreign languages are to go to their website and use the language tool. The only requirement aside from the Internet connection is that you need to have the Adobe Flash Player 8 installed on your browser.

So if you want to learn other language aside from English, check out the free online language lessons from Loquella and be one of those people who can speak and understand Chinese, French or Spanish language.

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