Life Experience Credits

As opposed to Life Experiences Degrees which are entirely based on one’s work experiences and earned for as fast as two weeks, there is other variation of Life Experience called Credit for Life Experience that partially consider what people learned through their work or trainings. The Credits for Life Experience are the one that are being practiced by more accredited online universities in the United States.

Credits for Life Experience or Life Experience Credit can be used by students to translate some of their work experience into academic credits. Aside from actual work experience, life experience of the adults that can be used to be converted into academic credits are attended seminars or workshops, company trainings, trade competencies, skills, community service, or even published books or works.

One popular form of Credit for Life Experience is called CLEP or College-Level Examination Program which provides opportunities for the students to obtain certain college credits for what they have learned through independent study, trainings professional development. CLEP done through paid computer-based exam so. The results can be obtained immediately.

However, just like the Credits for Life Experience, the level of CLEP acceptance vary on every university because they often set a limit or ruling on the extent of creditable Life Experiences and CLEP scores that they will recognize and incorporate to your degree program.

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