Learn How To Be A Better Entrepreneur Online

Online degree programs are bounty nowadays, from business, information technology to health care and criminal justice. But to those who are aspiring to be a progressive and well-educated entrepreneur, there is now a non-traditional program that offers online certificate programs for entrepreneurship.

This is the Carland Academy, an online entrepreneurship academy founded by Dr. James Carland and Dr. JoAnn Carland. The academy and their online certificate courses are designed for working adults who want to learn all aspects of being an entrepreneur. The courses aim to develop the skills that are important in conceptualizing and operating a business.

The course offerings here at Carland Academy are just certificate courses and will not give you any bachelor or graduate degree. This is for anybody who wants to know how to be a successful entrepreneur. They have two courses namely Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Advance Certificate in Entrepreneurship.

The Certificate in Entrepreneurship which costs $3,885 is a six-month program consisting of 3 modules and is designed to introduce the students to the world of startup business. The Advance Certificate in Entrepreneurship on the other hand is a six-month program that costs $3,885. It concentrate on getting the business up, running, and growing and aims to drive the student’s confidence to the highest level.

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