Ivy Tech Integrated Offline Management of Online Courses

With the significantly growing numbers of students from Ivy Tech Community College who are enrolling at their online education programs, the college has been working with a new system that will allow their faculty to organize the online learning management in better ways whether in online and offline modes.

Right now the Ivy Tech is beta testing the ClassTop, a new client-side software product that integrates with Blackboard’s learning management system to better manage the course materials. This new software will enable the faculty to create, organize and automatically synchronize their learning management system easier even when they are offline.

Now, online instructors at Ivy Tech need not to be always connected via Internet when doing or updating their course work. They can now even work them out through their home and save the files for uploading at their flash drive and then upload them later when they arrive at the school.

With these efforts from the administration of Ivy Tech Community College, it will definitely make their online learning process better and more promising because they are doing their moves to facilitate the online learning easier and more doable not only on the part of students but also for their faculty.

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