Is It Really Worth Taking Life Experiences Degree?

This is the question that I am asking myself for several days now. I am curious to know the personal experiences of those people who obtained this kind of degree. How they make use of these degrees? Does their life experiences degree give them benefits? Did they get promoted or commendations because of it?

I didn’t hear any good testimonials or news from these people who benefited from their life experiences degrees. But I read some news about people who get victimized by few holders of life experiences degree, however, these bad news are not that many compare with the statistics of people who obtained these degrees.

And for a fact, I knew that although life experiences are shrouded by controversies, there are many reputable and accredited online universities that give partial credits for life experiences.  And life experience credits for me are really acceptable compared to life experience degrees. Well, perhaps, majority of the people who bought the life experiences degree just use them on their resume- to make their resume more attractive.

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