Inspiring Story From A Mom Who Obtained Online Degree

Being a working mother is really hard work and a big responsibility, hardship is even doubled if you are a single mom. And the story of Regina Wheeler-Fairly, a 40 year old mom of four kids who manage to continue her study while working full time and taking care of his kids was something to be admired.

Regina was not able to secure a college education when she was younger, and though she is still fortunate as she landed as an entry-level data-key operator for the state of Texas, the not-so high salary of this job made her admire the college-educated employees who got much better pay than her. This situation persuaded her to seek higher education but because of her situation, it is nearly impossible for her to obtain a degree in regular university.

So Regina, although very sceptical about online studying opted to online university in order to have her desired career advancement. She completed her first advanced degree, a Bachelor’s in Science and Information at University of Phoenix. And from then on, her career soared with promotions. This further inspires her to take another advance degree and as of this time, she is already working toward her fourth advance degree, a PhD in organization and leadership.

With Regina’s story, it made me appreciate more the contribution of online education in empowering and improving the career of ordinary employees. Yes, I must admit that quality online education is not actually cheap especially for employees who are just receiving average salary. And not really easy particular to those with busy schedule and family to attend. But this is something that we can invest on if we want to advance and improve our career. And for me, this is a passive but effective career move if you want to make a difference in your life.

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