Innovative Language Learning Offers Free Online Language Tutorial

I already written several resources where one can study and learn foreign languages for free and now, I wanted to add the Innovative Language Learning because aside from their subscription-based services, they also have free subscriptions through podcast that will let you learn foreign languages anytime and anywhere.

The advantage of the platform of Innovative Language Learning is that students can simply download the lessons in podcast format. This means, they store it in any portable media players. And since it is distributed in iTunes, one can get the latest lessons as soon as they are published. Definitely no hassle!

Another good thing about the Innovative Language Learning is that their lessons are recorded on location; therefore students can also have cultural insight and become more familiar with current events of the particular country.

Some of the foreign languages that you can learn from Innovative Language Learning are French, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, German, Italian, Arabic and Korean. And if you want to learn English, Innovative Language Learning also has one too.

So check them out and learn your chosen second language for free! You can even interact with vibrant community and communicate with other listeners around the world through their forum.

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