Gonzaga University Intro A New Online Degree

Gonzaga University, a non-profit university in Spokane, Washington which offers accredited online master degrees recently introduced a new innovative online degree:  Master in Communication & Leadership Studies. This new degree is designed to address the modern communication theory for a global media environment.

And like Gonzaga University’s other online degree programs such as Master in Organizational Leadership and Master of Science in Nursing, the Master in Communication & Leadership Studies can be taken by professionals wherever they are in the world. This new online master degree involves practicum of writing, multimedia and public speaking to address the needs of students who are seeking a career in health and environmental communication.

The Master in Communication & Leadership Studies aims to improve the student’s skill in speaking publicly, managing multimedia and understanding extensive social systems. So this new online program offering of Gonzaga University is very appropriate for professionals who are want to advance in this field.

For more information about the Master in Communication & Leadership Studies of Gonzaga University and its other online degree programs, you may visit the university website or call the university at 866.295.3105 for more information. You may also check out their FAQ page.

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