Free Online Training From Alison

If you are looking for free online training, check out the free global learning opportunity from Alison. Learning from Alison is free for all individual users. You can study interactive multimedia courseware and educational and training resources online. And because Alison is a community for global learning, you are allowed in certain circumstances to communicate with other community member.

The courses that are currently available at Alison are all certified and standardized. Some of the courses they offer are e-Citizen certification, Microsoft Office Excel 2003 Training, Microsoft Office Word 2003 Training, Microsoft Office Access 2003 Training, Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003 Training, ECDL Essentials, ECDL Extra, Touch Typing Skills, Business English, Financial Literacy and various Health safety courses.

To start taking the free online courses at Alison, all you need to do is register. For more information, please read here.

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