Free Online Photography Course For Winter

Students age 18 years old and above can try this FREE Online Photography Course that aims to teach students about winter and snow digital photography. The short online course will commence this coming February 2009; it is composed of lessons covering the best tips to capture great photos during winter season like techniques for finding subjects, protecting your photo gear and getting good exposures in the snow.

The online course is also has written lesson with various examples. Students will upload their photos to receive helpful feedback and advice. This is indeed a great way to learn online photography at no cost. Students will definitely enjoy the supportive and interactive learning environment where they can ask questions, discuss ideas and participate to activities.

The things that students can learn form this online photography class are the following:
* Exposure – exposing for you subject, bracketing, exposure compensation
* Shooting in a snow storm
* Finding things to shoot when you have no snow
* Focusing – auto-focus, manual focus
* Preparation – staying warm and dry, you and your gear
* Moonlit night reflections
* Locations
* How to protect your gear
* Subjects – landscapes, ice patterns, snowmen, animals, decorations
* Light – overcast, sunshine, reflective, soft, harsh, contrasts

Enrollment is now going on and class will start on February 2, 2009. To enroll in this online photography course for free, simply use the coupon code SNOWINFEB at checkout.  Students will also be asked to complete an assignment and top photo from this activity will be awarded a $20 gift card from

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