Free Online Microsoft Windows Vista Course

More and more establishments are upgrading their Windows operating system to Windows Vista. And if you are looking for ways to learn the new features of Microsoft Windows Vista Business Edition, check out this free online course from Sony Backstage Learning.

This is a four-session course that will help you discover what separates Windows Vista from previous Windows XP and how to make the most of its benefits. The lessons are divided into the following topics:
Lesson 1: A First Look at Windows Vista – where you will learn about some of the benefits of Windows Vista and how to upgrade your hardware.

Lesson 2: Exploring the Windows Vista Interface – This lesson takes you on a tour of the new interface where students can learn how running programs and managing files has changed for the better.

Lesson 3: Maintaining Your System – explains how Windows Vista Business helps you maintain your PC’s health and troubleshoot any problems that may occur.

Lesson 4: Managing and Securing Data – find out how Windows Vista Business helps you protect your important data better and more easily.

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