Free Online Course For Parents

There are free online courses for parents that were provided by the University of Minnesota. This is a joint venture by the University Parent Program and the department of family social science that aims to provide parents the updated and timely knowledge about the lifestyle of the children during college years.

The online courses are about the issues of campus alcohol use and financial planning for college students. The Campus Alcohol use is offers parents information, discussion, and education to help them talk with their students about alcohol use and abuse.  This online course also provides national and campus-based statistics, tips for talking about alcohol use, online discussion opportunities, and a list of campus resources.

The financial planning for college students on the other hand includes issues on budget planning, student loans, and the responsible use of credit. This online course provides parents the tools and support to assist them in talking to their students about financial responsibility.

The University of Minnesota has indeed created a great solution on how to get in touch with parents and let them be part of their children’s college education through the use of online learning. To learn more about the innovative approach of University of Minnesota in communicating with the parents of their students, please click here.

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