Empowering Online Education

Many might say that online education and online learning is flourishing because there are so many universities nowadays that promote this kind of education by offering wide range of online degrees. I should say that this is indeed true but did you know that even UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization)is exerting effort to promote online learning in many countries around the world?

UNESCO is advocating open source education since 2002 and they have been involved up until now in empowering the educators around the world by providing open training platform and learning channel. These efforts are aim to assist educators in their endeavor toward providing online education and help educate more people regardless of their race, location or age.

So if you are an educator who wants to explore online learning or if you want to help your school or institution to diversify in online education, UNESCO may be one of the good starting point to discover what awaits you in the world of online education.

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