Drexel Added 3 New Education Degree Programs

Drexel University with its mission to offer quality education alternatives to busy educators who wish to excel within their field of specialization has added three more online education degree programs with their current offerings.

Drexel now have Bachelor of Science in Education; Master of Science in Global and International Education; and Master of Science in Teaching, Learning and Curriculum degree that they offered as online programs.

Aside to Drexel’s new online education degree programs they also offer other online educational degrees such as M.S. in Educational Administration and Post-Bachelor’s Teaching Certificate program that are designed for those who have a Bachelor’s degree and want to qualify for state teacher certification at the elementary or secondary levels.

The online education degree programs of Drexel is known for its intensive background that provides good preparation for students who wish to pursue careers in human resources development, corporate training and related fields.
Complete details of this press release can be viewed here.

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