Does Geography Still Matters In Online Education?

I read the latest report from Eduventures and it says that despite of the boundless educational opportunities that are being offered by various accredited online universities, they found out that nearly 2 out of every 3 online students live within the geographical region of their awarding institution and that more than one-third live within a 50-mile radius of their online education provider.

This finding is somehow different from what had been expected to the proliferation of online education which is to eliminate the geographic hindrance of students who wish to pursue their degrees. And for me, yes, geography still matters in choosing an online university. It is just natural for students, especially those for first timers to choose an online university that is within their district or region. The one that they can easily reach should something unexpected happened.

Choosing an online university that you personally knew the location adds some confidence and besides, geographic location is not only the reason why we opt to study online. Time and schedules are also big considerations why we decided to study online. Adult learners in particular do not have the time to attend a physical class in a specified schedule because of their unpredictable commitments or agendas. And personally speaking, I will also prefer studying at an online university near my place except for the instance when my desired degree is only available in a university in another state or another country.

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