CRCI Introduced Online Training Courses For Clinical Researchers & Medical Practitioners

Clinical Research Consulting, Inc., a contract research organization that specializes in clinical monitoring, education and project management launched two new interactive online training courses namely Clinical Research Education Program and Principal Investigator Education Program.

The Clinical Research Education Program focused on topics that are important to research professionals. These include informed consent, protocol compliance, source documentation, adverse events and audits.
The Principal Investigator Education Program on the other hand is designed for physicians who want to study the issues that are critical to understanding the clinical research industry and the role of an investigator

These online educational courses are composed of written modules, audio presentation of case studies and comprehensive appendices of downloadable files about FDA regulations and Good Clinical Practice guidelines. The cost of Clinical Research Course is $1,100 while the Principal Investigator Course is $1,000.

But bear in mind that these online training courses from CRCI is not a degree program, the students who will complete the course and pass the final exam will be given a certificate of completion.

For more information, please go here.

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