Costs Of Getting Online Degree

Online studying or getting an online degree program is known to be convenient and flexible for students. But I can not help but to think how much the average cost of studying in an online university is because education in US is really expensive and I do not think that the cost of online degree is that cheap because even students from online university seek financial assistance.

So to satisfy my question I started looking for the average cost in figures of taking up online degree program. And yes, I found out that even the cost of online schooling is really high that is why many of online universities are also offering financial aid to its students. I also noticed that although majority of online universities provide information on the cost of their tuition, there are few online schools that do not disclose their schedule of fees or at least cost of tuition per unit on their website.

Anyway, some of the online universities that I have browsed with a list of tuition fees on their websites are the University of Phoenix, Capella, Western Governors University, Walden University and Kaplan University.

And among these, I personally like the presentation style of Western Governors University because they provide the cost of entire tuition fee per semester or term. This gives me more concrete and instant idea on how much money should I really need to complete a term at WGU  which is approximately $2835 for 6 month term.

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