Corporations: Majority Users Of Online Learning Programs

The corporations being the institution composed of professional adults are said to be the largest users of online leaning programs. And this is very evident because mainstream market of online universities is really the adult seeking professional growth through educational advancement.

Companies and corporations acknowledge the importance of continuous empowerment of their employees for better company performance and soon recognize the innovative approach of online education.

And because of this, there are significantly growing numbers of corporations that sponsor their employees to obtain advance online degrees through online universities or by providing corporate online learning programs through institutions that specializes in giving corporate education. There are also some big corporations that started setting-up their own online learning program to provide continuous education for all its employees all year round.

These are evident by the 2006 Industry Report of Training Magazine which stated that companies spent approximately 15 percent of their training budgets on e-learning, a two-fold increase over 2005.

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