College Holds Online Class Through YouTube

I stumbled upon this news about Pitzer College who makes use of YouTube to conduct an online class. This is actually the initiative of Alexandra Juhasz, a media studies professor at the college who wants to explore and makes use of YouTube despite the fact that she is underwhelmed on most contents that can be found in this video sharing site.

The 35-student class who are making use of YouTube still meet in the classroom but they are interacting online for most of the time. Students under this course are encouraged to post videos of their class lessons and discussions. Class members control most of the class contents that can be accessed not only by the class members but also by anybody around the world.

The class professor of this course hopes that it will raise serious issues about corporate-sponsored democratic media expression through YouTube. This initiative is quiet nice because they have find a way to optimize the popularity of YouTube and use it as an educational tool.

Now, online learning does not need to be always expensive with the use of free online video sharing. It is now possible for any class to hold their class online without investing for the high priced software for online education system. Of course, it will not be as flawless as the Blackboard system and the likes but colleges or courses with insufficient budget nay now improvise their own system of online education.

Please click here if you want to take a glimpse on how they conduct their online classes via YouTube. And this practical initiative of the Liberal Arts professor actually put them on the Pitzer College headlines.

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