Check Out This Readiness Tool For Online Studying

Still weighing out things if you are fit for online degree studying? Well, I found a nice readiness tool for online studying from the Advanced Learning Technologies of   University System of Georgia’s Office of Information and Instructional Technology.

This readiness tool is free and fully online to help students assess every aspect of themselves that may affect their studying. The readiness tool takes their readiness, their goals, and their learning preferences into consideration for them to rate themselves accordingly.

Each part of SORT has a short explanation followed by a questionnaire. Based on the students’s responses to questions, feedback is provided on his or her personal readiness profile, together with suggested tips for success and links to more resources.

After taking the questionnaire and reading the tips provided, students will surely determine if they are really fit for the challenge of online degree studying. The test can be taken anytime and the result will be available right after taking the Readiness Tool For Online Studying.

So if you are still undecided because you do not know what to expect when you choose online degree studying, head on to Readiness Tool For Online Studying.

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