Capella Online University Launched New PhD Specialization

Capella Online University announced their latest Doctorate Degree in Education with specialization in Special Education Leadership. This new PhD program is the university’s response to the growing need for special education services to deliver better identification of special needs, educational reform, and legislative mandates.

Harry McLenighan, PhD, dean of Capella’s School of Education said that they have many students in their Leadership in Educational Administration PhD specialization who expressed strong interest in a leadership specialization focused on special education. The new PhD program in special education is designed to provide focus and contribute to the field of special education through doctoral research.

Aside from the said new program, Capella also announced their new Master of Science in Psychology – Evaluation, Research, and Measurement specialization that is aimed toward the education market. This new master degree is designed to address the need for professionals that are skilled in integrating quantitative and qualitative data for planning and decision-making purposes.

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