Can You Transfer Credits From Online U To Regular U?

The answer is a big YES! Students who wish to switch from online degree studying to regular university schooling may transfer the credits they earned from their online school. You may even ask your online school about college recommendations; and so there is really no need to worry about this matter.

But of course, this is only for online schools who are duly accreditted by regional accrediting body in your state because we all know that not all online colleges who offered online degree programs are properly accreditted. So make sure that the online college you are in now are properly accreditted to prevent any hassle in the future.

Online degree studying is your best bet if you have a hard time finding a fixed schedule. It is also the best option for students who are also working and for those who are busy in their family but wished to go back in school to earn a degree. The only difference between online and traditional university is the approach; but the concept, curriculum and grading are basically the same.

In fact, the number of universities who offer a mixture of classroom and online teaching methodolgy is continually on the rise because they are trying to get the best of two approaches. And with all of these, there is no reason why a student can’t transfer the credits he or she earned from online university.

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