Blended Course – Another Face Of Online Studying

Blended course is another form of online studying; however, it is not 100% done virtually as blended course is actually a combination of traditional and online classes. Universities and colleges frequently have this kind of learning approach to provide a more cost-efficient way to complete a degree.

What I like in blended approach is that it aims to get the best of both online and traditional schooling. The aim of blended courses is to save the infrequent class time for things that are best done in face to face class such as group work or giving presentations while using the online system to administer tests and assignments.

Blended courses are also said to be a good way to introduce online education to students, this is a good approach to find out whether the student can effectively study using this method. Blended courses provide students the freedom to study from home and to experience adequate face-to-face interaction with their teachers / instructors to address issues or concerns.

According to this article, the best candidates for online or blended classes are disciplined students who are good at keeping calendars and working independently, the very same attributes that are necessary to finish 100% online degree program.

Some of the universities that offer blended courses are the Global Campus of Columbus State Community College, San Antonio College Online and the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth.

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