Blackboard's Patent May Affect Online Education

I have read this alarming news about the Blackboard’s approved patent in “technology used for internet-based education support systems and methods” and Blackboard’s immediate lawsuit filing against their Canadian competitor Desire2Learn, because of allegedly patent infringement, seeking an undisclosed amount of damages and royalty payments.

In my own opinion, this is not good. It looks like Blackboard is trying to monopolize the technology used for internet-based education because of their lawsuit move. And in the first place, the patent for technology used for online education should not be granted to anyone as this aspect is too broad and general.

I just hope that the court can see that the patent is inappropriate because the cost of online education will surely be affected if the system of delivering the online education will be monopolized by just one company. Likewise, I hope that the re-examination request for this patent will be granted. Some explanation about the Blackboard’s patent can be read here.

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