Baker College Yielded Increase In Online Enrolment

The fall quarter enrolment of Baker College Online which is part of Baker College, the largest private college in Michigan, yielded an impressive increase of 16.7 percent compared to the same period last 2005.

According to Dr. Julia Teahen, the President of Baker College Online, majority of their online population are composed of adult learners who differ from traditional college-age students in that their life and work experiences make them more autonomous, self-directed and goal-oriented.

To date, Baker Online has a total of about 26,696 students that took classes on the 2005 fall quarter. From the 26,696 students, 5147 students are taking 100% of their classes online, including 4,161 undergraduate students and 986 MBA students.

The significant increase of online enrolees only signifies the growing population of adult learners who are pursuing affordable, specialized, high demand programs that Baker College Online offers.

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