Are There Free Nursing Continuing Education?

Nursing courses have high demands nowadays and current nurses are likewise encouraged to engage in continuing education about their profession. However, not all nurses can afford to pay for nursing continuing education.

But fret no more because just like free online courses in computing technology, there are also some resources where nurses can avail of free online continuing education. One online portal that I know is the Medi-Smart, a website about nursing education resources.

Medi-Smart compiled a directory of Free Nursing Continuing Education Resources that can be accessed online.  Some of the free online courses were:

Culture Advantage-  This offers 3 free online CE courses which are accredited for contact hours in Kansas and 15 other states. This site requires registration prior to taking courses

Nellcor Puritan Bennett – This offers a good selection of free, accredited online educational courses for registered nurses and respiratory therapists

Journal of Nursing Risk Management – This is composed of free 14.5 Contact Hours nursing continuing education for full-time military and federal health care providers

Female Urinary Incontinence – Offers free 2 Hour course that is accredited by the California Board of Registered Nursing

With these free courses, even those budget-constrained nurses can now equip themselves with continuing education that may help them to advance in their profession or at least empower their knowledge in providing better health care services.

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