An Online Opportunity to Learn the Writing Process

If you are a budding journalist who wants to learn from the expert, why not try the News University? This is one of the well-known training grounds for journalists around the world. They have this “Writers @ Work” program that is designed for reporters, editors and writers.

This program is a 4-week online course that makes use of videos, podcasts, interactive exercises, a course blog and three 30-minute phone conversations. Students could learn the step by step writing process approach, brainstorming, organizing and revising stories. The program aims to help students to analyze their work, diagnose and solve writing problems.

The beauty of Writers @ Work Program is that it is offered in semi-synchronous format enabling students to decide when and how they will engage with the lessons. But of course, to ensure the effectivity of this online program, there are few sessions where the entire class comes together in a virtual classroom setting.

The tuition cost of Writers @ Work online program is $395. There will be an upcoming class this October 15, 2007. You can still enroll in this class schedule until September 17, 2007. For more information and future schedules, you can visit this link.

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