All Schools Must Have Online Learning Tool

After the H1N1 scare and several natural calamities, I think it is high time that all educational institutions must have alternative teaching system for their students during emergency situations. This will enable learning to continue despite any health or security outbreak.

Preparing an online learning tool is one of the best way to combat the unexpected delays in teaching and by doing this, educators are assured that learning will transpire even the students cannot go to school physically.

I experienced the difficulty of being unable to attend classes because of severe bomb threats when I was in college and whenever there were transport strike in our areas; and I can say that these problems can be easily solve if only our college has a stand-by online learning system during those times.

Recently, the H1N1 caused panic all over the world and it made many schools to temporarily suspend classes to avoid the possible spread of the virus among students.  But if schools have a ready online learning tool, there will be no more delays in class schedules. Students and teachers can still hold classes and go on with their class schedules without interruption if the school will publish their lectures in an online portal.

And I hope that the educational institutions will consider the request of government to set up online learning tools for students who have to stay home.

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