AIU Exhibits Outcomes

The American InterContinental University Online in their aim to show what online learning can do to any individual has launched AIU Outcomes. This new website highlights the spectacular real-world results of studying in a well-known online university.

AIU Outcomes features information about their student satisfaction rates, employer satisfaction rates, and AIU Online’s achievement at reaching out to minority populations. All these statistics are intended to assist potential students and/or their parents to a better understand how AIU can help them.

The AIU Outcomes website also includes the statistics about AIU’s graduation rates, employment rates, and student body demographics. Another worth browsing in the new website is the profiles of current students and recent graduates. The AIU student profiles are meant to share the actual experiences of these students to the online education of AIU.

These presentations are not merely to exhibit how proud AIU in their online program offerings as AIU Outcomes are created to inspire and encourage people from all walks of life to engage in continuous learning to achieve personal and career improvement.

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