Affordable Degree Completion Programs From CCU

The California Coast University offers various degree completion programs for adults who were not able to finish their degree. This university provides self-paced and off-campus degree completions in such programs like Business Administration, Management, Psychology, Health Care Administration.

Aside from undergraduate degree completion, CCU also offers graduate programs in Business Administration, Education, and Psychology. So if you want to complete your much desired college degree or wanted to further your education through master degrees, check out the California Coast University.

The associate, undergraduate and advanced program offerings of California Coast University are accredited by the Distance Education and Training Council. This university had been serving the online education needs of adults almost 35 years now by providing quality and yet affordable tuition fees for as low as $110 per unit or $330 per course.

For more information about the tuition fees, financial assistance and possible tuition discounts at CCU, please click here.

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